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🏆 100% Conversion Tracking

Billy Grace Tracking Pixel

Track conversions accurately with the tracking solution of Billy Grace. Get access to data-driven attribution and regain insight into your marketing performance.

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⌛ Tracking Pixel

Automatically track customer journeys of all conversions.

Traffic comes to your website via ads

Conversion tracking starts with knowing which channel the user is coming from.

Potential customers browse your website.

Conversions can be sessions, add to cart, purchases or any custom event.

Attribution window

Using AI, Billy Grace attributes the right values to all used marketing channels.

Easy to install

Easily install the Billy Grace pixel and start measuring conversions. The pixel will accurately track sessions, users, clicks, order and conversion data.

Gain insight into which marketing efforts actually drive performance.

Configure your own conversions

Configure any custom event and add this event to the AI budget optimization feature of Billy Grace. Track custom events that are valuable to your business. Think of quality of sessions, newsletter subscribers, contact forms or any other commercial goal.

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