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A new way of marketing

Maximize your ROI with the Billy Grace platform. Track, Attribute, Analyze, Optimize and Automate your Digital Marketing efforts cross-channel by collaborating with AI and Machine Learning models.

🏆 Artificial Intelligence

AI budget optimization

Billy Grace will allocate your budget effectively, resulting in the highest ROI possible. By using historical data, forecasting and attribution modelling based on first-party data, Billy Grace decides which budgets should be used per platform (Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc.). You can automate or just get daily recommendations.

Campaign Performance

We know online marketing is not that straightforward. With Billy Grace you can easily monitor performance of all your marketing funnels and customer journeys.

Creative Studio

Billy Grace’s powerful AI scans your creatives and detects which objects are in your creatives. With the outcome, you can analyze which creatives and objects will generate the highest ROI and how the performance is changing over time. Allowing marketers to test and create new creatives based on AI.

Product Cloud

Gain insight in product performance, product combinations and stock data. Which products are accountable for your revenue, and which products are in stock but not sold very often. How does the return rate and stock effect your revenue? These questions are answered in the Product Cloud.

Customer Cloud

Insight in key customer metrics and customer cohorts. By analyzing your cohorts in just a simple overview, you will immediately know when the time is right to set up a campaign to attract new customers or let your existing customers come back again before they churn.

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