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Discover a new way of Marketing. 🏆

Let Billy Grace run your ads, so you can run your business scale your business be creative think ahead grow your business go for a run

Billy Grace offers a new way of marketing. We believe that marketing shouldn’t be about analysing short term growth metrics in ad managers. This can be automated using our AI solution. Leaving time for the marketer to think about long term growth. Start our 30-Day trial now.

The present

Marketers are lost

Marketers are busy analyzing results in multiple ad managers that since iOS 14.5 don’t report the right data. While marketing used to be about creativity and brand building, it became a fast ROAS driven business. We at Billy Grace believe that there is a different way.

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The future

Imagine the future of marketing

We believe that artificial intelligence can automate repetitive tasks of every marketer and business owner. Stop analyzing ROAS numbers in ad managers that prevent your business from long term growth.

Let Billy Grace automate this process by automatically optimizing your budgets, giving you real insight in the entire customer journey in the process.

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Billy Grace is the solution for

Post-iOS 14.5

The coming of iOS 14.5 resulted in ad managers reporting ROAS results that can’t be accounted for if you look at your actual performance. With our tracking and powerful algorithm, you regain insight in your marketing performance.

Cookieless Advertising

From 2023 third party cookies will be a thing of the past. Start collecting your first party data today with the Billy Pixel and you will be ready to grow your brand in a post-cookie world.

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