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We get this question often: “What makes you different than other analytics platforms? Because they also have features on which I can steer my marketing.”

Well… While every other analytics platform has been playing checkers, Billy Grace has been playing 4D chess. Billy Grace is in a totally different ballpark, and today we will explain to you why this is the case.

What we do not do.

Let’s first explain what we are not:

  • We are not just an analytics tool.
  • We are not just a budget optimization tool.
  • We are not just a creative analytics tool.

Yes, you can do this all within our platform. But Billy Grace addresses an issue that is infested at the roots of our marketing problems. 

Typical Analytic tools only address the surface of problems. If you want automation or analytics that is easy to build, just create a platform that compares metric x with variable y, which is what most others offer. We did not want that; we wanted to address the underlying problem. 

We built this platform by listening to YOU! 

The real problem in marketing

From your feedback and our own experience, we concluded that: 

  • Everyone is lost in data, and marketing has become an analytical job. 
  • Data is not correct anymore. Due to tracking limitations of GDPR and other restricting regulations.
  • No marketeer can see what works; if they can, they cannot specify what part is working.
  • Admanagers make you spend more and more due to biased data.

Automation and analytics are nice, but none can base their actions on correct data. Therefore this needs to be fixed. And we did! Want to know how? Let me explain!

How Billy Grace has solved this problem

Below is a visual blueprint of Billy Grace, It comprises of three layers. Each layer complements the layer above it. The first layer is tracking, which uses our own developed pixel to acquire correct first-party data. The next layer consists of many data-driven attribution models, which paint the full picture of attribution paths. Lastly, is the services layer, which consists of services that apply all the layers to easy-to-understand insights.

Let’s explain every layer a bit more to get a better image.

Layer 1 Tracking

At the foundation of Billy Grace’s blueprint lies the tracking layer. With our pixel, we provide accurate first-party data that ensures you have a comprehensive understanding of your target audience. Say goodbye to inaccurate data and hello to accurate insights.

You know that problem we mentioned earlier? About data is not correct anymore, because Facebook and Google played this dirty “tracking everything all the time game”. And now everything has become very strict, which is a good thing! Everyone has to play by the rules now.

Only following these rules has made data collection very hard, not because it is impossible to play by them. But the admanagers are still not admitting that they do not know how to play by these rules, but still tell you they do. 

Which has everyone lost in wrong data. What do the giants in marketing say? “Just spend more.” Which has marketeers spending more by a biased opinion of Google and Facebook, and is only leading to money loss.

Billy Grace knows how to play by the rules transparently, and has fixed it in the core of Billy Grace. By tackling this problem has only amplified the other layers laid upon our platform.

Layer 2 Data-Driven Attribution

The second layer is where the magic happens, because it interprets and polymorphs our accurate first data layer into usable frameworks. Our data-driven attribution models paint a complete picture of your customer’s journey, from initial engagement to final conversion. Each step is carefully weighed, with the weight assigned based on the percentage of contribution the action point has made to the conversion. With a comprehensive view of the attribution paths, Billy Grace can make informed decisions and optimize your marketing efforts.

Layer 3 Services

The third and final layer is where we bring everything together. All layers are applied to our suite of products creating easy-to-understand insights. With actionable recommendations, you can make data-driven decisions that drive real results. Some of Billy Grace’s products are: Generative, Analytics, Automation, Creatives, and much more. 

Stay tuned for future blogs, where we will showcase all of Billy Grace’s features! 

These layers are the reasoning behind why Billy Grace is different from other solutions out there. We address the underlying issues.

Every other tool can automate or analyze, but no tool out there can base these analyses on accurate data. Therefore giving you the feeling that you are spending with confidence while still walking around with a blindfold.


In conclusion, Billy Grace offers a unique and comprehensive solution to the problems faced by modern marketers. Unlike other analytics platforms that only address the surface of problems. 

Billy Grace addresses the root cause by providing accurate first-party data through its proprietary tracking pixel and painting a complete picture of the customer’s journey with its data-driven attribution models. 

These layers form the foundation for easy-to-understand insights and actionable recommendations that drive real results. 

With Billy Grace, marketers can finally confidently make data-driven decisions, free from the limitations of inaccurate data and the feeling of being lost in it. Choose Billy Grace for a more informed, effective, and efficient approach to marketing.