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Advertising Cloud 🤖

By combining data from all platforms you use,
Billy Grace can automate and optimize your budgets and
bids cross-channel with a new way of attribution.

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Optimisation Intelligence

Billy Grace will allocate your budget and bids as effective as possible to achieve the highest ROI possible, every day. Using historical data, forecasting and attribution modelling based on first-party data to decide which budgets and bids should be used per platform (Google, Facebook, Instagram etc.). You can automate or just get daily recommendations.

Optimisation Campaigns

We know online marketing is not that straightforward. With Billy Grace you can easily set goals and targets for each multi-channel campaign you are creating.

Campaign Creation

With Billy Grace, you can select a combination of adsets and adgroups and set an optimization and automation strategy. Fast and easy.

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Billy Grace is simple.

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