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Everything you need to know about your products, Billy
Grace is there for you. You will see which products are
most increasing, decreasing but also enjoy intelligent
forecasting on inventory level. Scale your store without
any hassle.

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Product Performance

With the product performance insights from Billy Grace, you will have an instant overview on how your products are performing, which gets the most returns and is highest increasing in popularity.

Stock Insights

Nobody wants to pay inventory costs for products that generate no to little revenue, right? With Billy Grace, you’ll get insights into your inventory flow, helping you prioritise your stock based on data. Saving you and your business money.

Product Combinations

Not all products benefit each other or generate a positive impact on one another. With the product combinations of Billy Grace, you’ll get insights into products that are generally bought together or have a positive lift. This makes up- and cross-selling just a simple job while increasing the average order value.

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