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Billy Grace brings back creativity into marketing by automating and analyzing
the most important data-driven marketing efforts of your Shopify store.
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Increase revenue

By organizing and cleaning the data from all platforms you use, Billy Grace gives you the only source of truth. This way you and Billy Grace both know how to continuously find the sweet spot that maximises your ROI.


Less time

Analyzing and optimizing your marketing efforts is one of the main daily tasks. Billy Grace will take over for you. 24/7, real-time. This allows you to win back 80% of your time so you can focus on the brand again.


Less ad spend

By having all knowledge combined in one platform, Billy Grace can easily save you up to 62% ad spend. You can also put that 62% back in marketing, of course ;-).

Advertising Cloud.

Experience our server-side budget and bid automation. With our first-party attribution system, Billy Grace can easily optimize and automate all your campaigns and increase your ROI with 41% on average.

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Marketing Cloud.

Get the correct insights in the effectiveness of your marketing on campaign, adset and creative level. See how your campaigns are performing based on last click, spend and the new way of attribution.

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Product Cloud.

Billy Grace offers in-depth insights and forecasts on product and stock level. See what products perform well, what first time customers buy, how much revenue you are losing based on inventory and much more. 

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Customer Cloud.

See how new and returning customers behave and how they are interacting with your products. By analyzing your customers, you can easily increase the average order value or optimize the customer acquisition costs.

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Solutions made for you

We combine the data from all platforms to form a one-stop Automation & Analytics platform, backed by AI-intelligence. Makes money, saves time.


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